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win against crop weeds


  1. Act now!
  2. Capture weed seeds at harvest
  3. Rotate crops & herbicide modes of action
  4. Test for resistance
  5. Never cut the rate
  6. Don’t go for glyphosate automatically
  7. Carefully manage spray events
  8. Clean seeds, paddocks & borders
  9. User double-knock technique
  10. Employ crop competitiveness


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Discover the wealth of resource that we offer to make your life easier and to reduce weed.


ask an expert and discuss


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WeedSmart Podcast

Post-emergent spraying and the Global Herbicide Resistance Challenge conference feature in this week’s podcast!

Most of the AHRI and WeedSmart team were over in Denver, Colorado for the GHRC conference, including Ray Harrington and Mike Ashworth, pictured to the right, in the snow. Nearly everyone is back in Australia now, including Peter Newman, who is back hosting with Jessica Strauss in this edition.

Pete gives an overview of the conference. Pete also caught up with Aaron Hager from the University of Illinois. We’ve previously written about Aaron’s work with Pat Tranel in the AHRI insight blog.

Jess also chats with Adama Market Development Manager Bevan Addison about applying post-emergent herbicides and some of the implications when there are patchy rain conditions.

Why not take a listen?

Understanding post-emergent graminicides (grass herbicides)

Following the highly successful 'Understanding soil behaviour of pre-emergent herbicide workshops' held over the past 24 months, ICAN Pty Ltd, on behalf of the GRDC, have created a brand new workshop on Understanding post-emergent graminicides (grass herbicides).

This new workshop covers the science that underpins how different post-emergent grass active herbicides work and links this understanding to optimising field performance. The workshop will challenge agronomists to reconnect with their old university biochemistry and then apply this thinking in their everyday herbicide decisions. While the workshop has been designed for agronomists, interested growers are also welcome.

Stay tuned for our next webinar!

We've just completed our first webinar series for the year. Webinar 2 | "Grow a crop worth frosting" featured Ben Biddulph and Garen Knell. They explained the risks and how to minimise the downside of a frost event without delaying planting! You can catch up on this webinar and more. Stay tuned as we'll be releasing info on our next series soon!

Monsanto Herbicide Resistance Testing Program

Monsanto says survey data collected from over 200 growers and consultants across cotton growing regions shows that the majority are managing herbicide resistant weeds on-farm. If you'd like to be part of their herbicide resistance testing program, you can sign up below. This program is available to all farmers who have grown Roundup Ready® Flex cotton in the previous 3 seasons.

Australian Glyphosate Sustainability Working Group

The Australian Glyphosate Sustainability Working Group is a collaborative initiative involving research, industry and extension representatives with the purpose of promoting the sustainable use of the herbicide glyphosate in Australian agriculture.

Act now: Plan your weed management program


Answer five questions relating to the farming system on a specific paddock at any given property.

Our app will rate your chances of herbicide resistance assessing how effectively you are managing your weed seed bank.

Diversity Era

Herbicide Resistance 101 with Stephen Powles