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win against crop weeds


  1. Rotate crops and pastures
  2. Double knock – to preserve glyphosate
  3. Mix and rotate herbicides
  4. Stop weed seed set
  5. Crop competition
  6. Harvest weed seed control – the holy grail
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WeedSmart Week 2018

WeedSmart Week will start in Narrabri on Monday, August 20th with the WeedSmart Forum. It will feature leading growers sharing their strategies to combat weeds and produce better crops.

You'll then be able to join the WeedSmart crew as we take you on the road on Tuesday, August 21st, and Wednesday, August 22nd, to visit leading growers in the Moree and Narrabri districts.

Buses and meals provided - your seat on the bus is guaranteed by attending the Forum on Monday, August 20th, at Locharba Farm in Narrabri.

Our theme this year is "Diversify and Conquer - manage weeds using the BIG 6"

We hope you can join us! Registrations are now open. Click through to find out more and purchase your ticket!

WeedSmart Survey

Did you know the WeedSmart program has now been running for five years? We're committed to providing our tribe with relevant and practical information on weed control and we want to ensure we're delivering those messages in the best ways possible.

This is where you come in! We'd need you to help us make WeedSmart even better. We'd love for you to participate in our survey and tell us your thoughts on the program. Your information will be kept confidential, only used for the purpose of this survey, and will not be disclosed to any third parties.

WeedSmart Podcast

We don’t want to give the weeds a free kick by growing un-competitive crops. Crop competition with weeds is a double-edged sword. There is the effect of the weeds on the crop, and the effect of the crop on the weeds. A competitive crop will suffer less yield loss at the hands of the weeds, and will also reduce seed set of the weeds compared to an un-competitive crop. In other words more crop, fewer weeds.

In this week's podcast, AHRI Extension Agronomist Greg Condon and AgriVision Agronomy Consultant Matt Bissett provide excellent overviews on the different crop competition approaches that can be employed.

It’s hard to get all of the six points above right, and growers need not aspire to practising all six of these competition factors, but they can use a range of these practices to ensure that their crops have a fighting chance against the weeds.

So take a listen, as our regular hosts Jessica Strauss and Peter Newman take you on the crop comp journey!

New Diversity Era Course - Harvest Weed Seed Control 101

This is our second online course, this time covering the science of harvest weed control; the nutrient implications; and the costs of all the different tools.

We'll run through all of the six different harvest weed control tools too, talking about the pros and cons and about where they fit in the farming system!

If you're a grower or an agronomist and you'd like to find out more about these tools, take a look at this course.

Harvest Weed Seed Control 101
Australian Glyphosate Sustainability Working Group

The Australian Glyphosate Sustainability Working Group is a collaborative initiative involving research, industry and extension representatives with the purpose of promoting the sustainable use of the herbicide glyphosate in Australian agriculture.


Answer five questions relating to the farming system on a specific paddock at any given property.

Our app will rate your chances of herbicide resistance assessing how effectively you are managing your weed seed bank.

Diversity Era

Herbicide Resistance 101 with Stephen Powles