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win against crop weeds


  1. Rotate crops and pastures
  2. Double knock – to preserve glyphosate
  3. Mix and rotate herbicides
  4. Stop weed seed set
  5. Crop competition
  6. Harvest weed seed control – the holy grail
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Podcast: Stripper front and chaff deck system explainer and grain storage tips

On the podcast today, you’re joined by co-hosts Jessica Strauss and Peter Newman to find out some practical tips on grain storage and delve into the details of a stripper front and chaff deck system.

Grower Jamie Phillis from Ungarra, in the Lower Eyre Penisula, South Australia joins us on the podcast to tell us about his farming system and approach to harvest. He’s running a Shelbourne stripper front for cereals and a draper front for other crops and he’s using a chaff deck in combination with both of these fronts.

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WeedSmart Week 2020 to be in South Australia!

WeedSmart Week is designed to engage growers and advisors on WeedSmart's Big 6 messages. Our objective for this event is for you to learn everything you need to know about weed management. You hear first-hand from growers and agronomists about integrated weed management practices to minimise the impact of herbicide resistance.

This year we ran two events. The first was in Emerald and the second in Horsham. You can click on each event page to look through the photo gallery, watch the presentations and listen to the podcast from the event. We also have a page for our 2020 event which will be held in South Australia. If you'd like to be involved or want to register your interest, you can!

Webinar: Weed biology insights to improve management of Feathertop Rhodes grass and Barnyard grass

Surely we are close to the end of a long dry spell and will soon see a break? Significant rain will see a massive flush of weeds, particularly problematic will be grass weeds – Feathertop Rhodes grass, Barnyard grass, Sweet summer grass and Urochloa (liverseed grass).

Join us for our last 2019 webinar on Tuesday 10th December when Bhagirath Chauhan, QAAFI weeds researcher talks with Paul McIntosh, AHRI’s northern extension agronomist to investigate the best strategies to ensure summer crops and the 2020 winter crop are given the resources to achieve higher yields.

Feat: Bhagirath Chauhan, Associate Professor & principal research fellow, QAAFI, Uni of Queensland
Date: Tuesday, 10th December 2019
Time: 15:00 – 16.00 pm AEST; 14:00 – 15:00 Queensland time; 12:00 – 13:00 pm AWST

Chaff lining has really taken off

Chaff lining has been a dominant talking point in farming communities as an easy to adopt, low-cost HWSC tool. It has also experienced relatively rapid adoption across the country. Check out our latest video to learn more.

Podcast: Weather forecast accuracy and crop competition trial results

This week on the podcast, we look into how to utilise weather forecasts with Dale Grey and get the latest information on crop competition trials conducted by YP AG from Agronomist Chris Davey.

Diversity Era

Pre-Emergent Herbicides 101 with Chris Preston, Mark Congreve & Peter Newman