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win against crop weeds


  1. Rotate crops and pastures
  2. Double knock – to preserve glyphosate
  3. Mix and rotate herbicides
  4. Stop weed seed set
  5. Crop competition
  6. Harvest weed seed control – the holy grail
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Next WeedSmart Week to be in South Australia!

This year our annual flagship event will be held in the Clare region from the 1st to the 3rd of September 2020. WeedSmart Week is designed to engage growers and advisors on WeedSmart’s Big 6 messages.

The 3-day program consists of a Forum day at the Clare Golf Club with day 2 and 3 consisting of farm visits in the Lower and Mid North to Northern Yorke Peninsula region to see how forward-thinking growers are implementing the WeedSmart Big 6 tactics to minimise the impact of herbicide resistance on their businesses.

This event offers a unique opportunity for growers and other industry stakeholders to hear first-hand about innovative and practical weed solutions.

This event is being run with the help of Pinion Advisory, YP AG and the Hart Field Site Group.

WeedSmart Week is a set-price of $150 + GST per person and this registration allows you to attend all three days, with lunch included. The price remains the same whether you attend one day or three days.

PODCAST: Digging into the details of problem weeds, focusing on Feathertop Rhodes grass & blue lupins

Our latest podcast focuses on problem weeds across Australian cropping regions. We’ll be hearing about the weed blue lupins from WA grower Jamie Greaves. We’ll also be focusing on Feathertop Rhodes Grass and how this is proving to be an issue for growers in Northern New South Wales, with sporadic patches popping up. University of Adelaide Professor, Dr Chris Preston and Northern Grower Alliance CEO, Richard Daniel, join us to shed some light on this issue and how to get on top of this weed.

Podcast: Weather forecast accuracy and crop competition trial results

This week on the podcast, we look into how to utilise weather forecasts with Dale Grey and get the latest information on crop competition trials conducted by YP AG from Agronomist Chris Davey.

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