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win against crop weeds


  1. Rotate crops and pastures
  2. Double knock – to preserve glyphosate
  3. Mix and rotate herbicides
  4. Stop weed seed set
  5. Crop competition
  6. Harvest weed seed control – the holy grail
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Discover the wealth of resource that we offer to make your life easier and to reduce weed.


ask an expert and discuss


Ask an expert from WeedSmart via hosted Q&A's or find more useful info on our bulletin board.


latest on farm strategy


Learn from industry leaders in the comfort of your own home, on your phone or even out in the field.

Webinar Series: Summer spray season challenges

Join us for our next two-part series on April 24 and 26, as AHRI’s Peter Newman chats with experts to deliver the latest on-farm strategies to help you set your crops up for success in 2018. From wherever you are – in the paddock, ute, tractor, office – you can stream this webinar series to your smartphone, tablet or computer. Hear from ICAN’s Mark Congreve and Uni of Adelaide’s Chris Preston who answers the Qs – how to choose and apply the correct pre-em to maximize crop yield. Specific scenarios provided for the north and the south. Listen to both or just tune into the webinar relevant to you!

WeedSmart Week 2018

WeedSmart Week will start in Narrabri on Monday, August 20th with the WeedSmart Forum. It will feature leading growers sharing their strategies to combat weeds and produce better crops.
ide the details around these strategies.

Then join us as the WeedSmart crew takes you on the road on Tuesday, August 21st, and Wednesday, August 22nd, to visit leading farmers in the Moree and Narrabri districts.

Buses and meals provided - your seat on the bus is guaranteed by attending the Forum on Monday, August 20th, at The Crossing Theatre, Narrabri.

Our theme is ‘Diversity and disruption – strategies for more crop, less weeds”.

We hope you can join us! Registrations open soon! We'll be posting further details shortly.

WeedSmart Podcast

With seeding and pre-emergent herbicide application kicking off around the country, we got in touch a couple of herbicide application experts to share some timely advice on getting spraying right this season.

Dr Chris Preston from the University of Adelaide gives a preview of his WeedSmart Webinar "Use pre-ems to maximise winter crops in the South", sharing valuable insights into management strategies around pre-em application and also gives us an update on the resistance levels to pre-ems.

DeltaAg Agronomist and Consultant Heidi Gooden, who is based in Lockhart, runs us through the current dry spell conditions being experienced in the Southern Cropping Region and what impact this has on pre-em herbicide application. She also provides insights into knocking down lingering Summer weeds and more.

Why not take a listen?

WeedSmart Week in Wagga

WeedSmart Week Wagga Wagga 2017 was a great success. Thank you to the stakeholders, organisers, presenters and everyone who helped pull the event together.

We recorded many of the presentations and you can watch them by clicking through if you missed out on attending. We'll have lots of podcasts, articles and more coming out over the coming weeks as well, so keep an eye out!

New Diversity Era Course - Harvest Weed Seed Control 101

This is our second online course, this time covering the science of harvest weed control; the nutrient implications; and the costs of all the different tools.

We'll run through all of the six different harvest weed control tools too, talking about the pros and cons and about where they fit in the farming system!

If you're a grower or an agronomist and you'd like to find out more about these tools, take a look at this course.

Harvest Weed Seed Control 101
Monsanto Herbicide Resistance Testing Program

Monsanto says survey data collected from over 200 growers and consultants across cotton growing regions shows that the majority are managing herbicide resistant weeds on-farm. If you'd like to be part of their herbicide resistance testing program, you can sign up below. This program is available to all farmers who have grown Roundup Ready® Flex cotton in the previous 3 seasons.


Answer five questions relating to the farming system on a specific paddock at any given property.

Our app will rate your chances of herbicide resistance assessing how effectively you are managing your weed seed bank.

Diversity Era

Herbicide Resistance 101 with Stephen Powles